When you’re newly-single, it soon becomes apparent that there are an awful lot of firsts in your new life, and none are quite so overwhelming as the first time you venture into Tescos to buy ‘meals-for-one’. When you’ve spent all of your adult life shopping for children and/or partners, it’s extremely strange to no longer need certain aisles. You end up automatically in the meat section – even though you’re vegetarian. You pick up men’s deodorant that’s on special offer and ALMOST put it in the trolley. You look at enormous boxes of cereals thinking that will last a week when in reality it’ll last 6 months or more!

The best thing to do when faced with this type of situation is not to ask too much of yourself. Don’t try to figure out what a ‘weekly shop’ for one will involve, but just get enough to tide you over for a few days. Little and often will slowly re-build your confidence, and will prevent you from bulk-buying perishables which will end up in the bin. Now is not the time to be wasting your hard earnt cash.


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