Unhappy Anniversaries…


Key dates can be an unwelcome reminder of a recently ended relationship, and anniversaries even more so. It’s tempting to think of what your life was before you’d met your ex; how slim you were, how carefree you’d been and so on. However, this is seldom helpful for your rehabilitation into single-hood and will only lead to more resentment of years ‘wasted’ and regrets over what might have been if only you’d chosen a different path all those years ago.

Instead, ignore the fact that your ex has recently sent you an unpleasant text message just because you refuse to allow him to keep his credit cards registered at your address any longer, (almost 8 months after he moved out), and try to focus on all your post-break-up achievements, no matter how small. It may be a nice new friend you’ve met, a few pounds of flab lost, managing to fix something yourself or even a new job you’ve just started. Leave what’s gone behind you and embrace what happiness and excitement the future can hold.


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