Yes You Can (Sometimes)…


When unexpected technical issues arise, if you’re a bit of a Luddite like myself, you might automatically flick through Yellow Pages and end up paying megabucks for some young chap to spend all of two minutes solving your problem. That’s fine if you have the funds to justify the expense, but if the purse strings are a little on the tight side, and you don’t have a tech-savvy friend (or friend’s husband) who’s willing/able to help, you have nothing much to lose by taking a look yourself (obviously being EXTREMELY careful with electricity!)

When my TV stopped working, and the message on the screen said something about having no digital signal, after having a major panic attack I decided to see if I could see what the problem was BEFORE forking out a £65 call out charge to Sky.

Hidden behind the TV cabinet was a cable, with bare wires sticking out of the end. That’s not ‘normal’! After switching off all the electrics I traced the cable back to the satellite dish. Ah! THAT’S why there was ‘no signal’. When I looked at the back of the Sky box I could see one cable-less metal socket thingy (technical term). Must’ve accidently pulled it apart when I moved the cabinet to vacuum.

Unsure as to how I could fit the wire back into the socket (without blowing up the telly) I went on YouTube – voilà. Several helpful videos on exactly how to fit a Sky Cable to a connector. I must admit, I was ever-so-slightly terrified when I flicked the switch back on, but when my TV came back to life not only was I extremely relieved, I felt a smidgeon of pride in myself that I DID IT!


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