Do Different…



This sunny, autumnal afternoon I was taking my usual route along a well-trodden path when the nearby sound of screeching children assaulted my ears (forgot it was half term). Keen to avoid anything spoiling my peace and tranquillity I took a left turn instead of going right, and there in front of me appeared to be a hidden pathway through the undergrowth. I even never knew it existed!

As I explored these unfamiliar surroundings I came across all manner of woodland treats such as beautiful dragonflies, a pretty little wooden bridge and the crystal clear water of a stream. Epiphanies can happen when you least expect them, and as I glanced at my own reflection, a metaphor for life entered my head; If, when you get to a junction you always ALWAYS turn right, just for once in your life turn left. You never know what hidden treasures you might find

How exciting!!


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