You’re Never Too Old To Learn…


Today I completed the on-site training for my brand new job and I’m now feeling confident that I’m well and truly up for the challenge. Finding out that I’ll have my very own company email address makes me feel very grown up, and being part of a massive organisation is very exciting indeed. Getting paid for training, during which you’re treated to unlimited supplies of freshly ground coffee and expensive biscuits, is just a yummy cherry on top of the delicious corporate cake.

There’s plenty of new things to get my head around, such as submitting weekly timesheets online and so on, but the huge handbook, which will now become my bedtime reading for the next few weeks, will help me to get to grips with everything.

I’m really looking forward to working with a large and diverse group of people from a wide variety of backgrounds, and knowing there’s real potential for promotion within my new career choice will motivate me to do the very best I can and therefore I’ll have a better chance of achieving what I’m actually capable of. The ladder is there in front of me and I now have my foot firmly placed on the bottom rung. Onwards and upwards!


I Did It Myself…


There’s no feeling in the world quite like achievements made solely on your own merits, with no help at all from anyone else. Knowing that you didn’t have to rely on another person, or people, to accomplish something is vastly more meaningful than when others did part of the work for you.

I fixed my own tech equipment by watching youtube videos, not by playing the helpless blonde, hoping some nice chap would mend it for me. I got my new career without any help from others, but by making sure I secured an interview and then did the best I could on the day. Whether it’s something relatively small, like DIY, or something huge such as a new career, the satisfaction of knowing you did it all yourself is extremely gratifying.

Of course, I don’t do EVERYTHING myself; quiz nights would be no fun whatsoever flying solo for example; but these days I make sure that I’m surrounded by people I CHOOSE to be with rather than people I NEED to have in my life in order to function, and that’s a very strong basis for healthy and positive friendships.

Happy Mothers Day…


Having children is a privilege and a blessing, even more so when your daughters grow up to become beautiful, talented, kind and caring young ladies.

I’ve just spent a very special Mothers Day in the company of my wonderful offspring. After being given a ‘naughty‘ yummy, choccy gift and a card that’s so fabulous I shall frame it, we tucked into cheese & ham rolls and Pringles, drank tea and munched on chocolate digestives. We chatted about all manner of girlie stuff, laughed at daft things and just enjoyed each other’s company. They are my raison d’être and today has been magical. Thank you to my ‘baby girls’  XXX



“You do KNOW you have a heart murmur don’t you?!” were the 10 little words that tumbled out of the doctor’s mouth after rummaging around with his stethoscope down the front of my t-shirt. “Erm…..”  I couldn’t speak. He had another rummage and confirmed “Yes, I can definitely hear one”.

I’d actually booked to see a temporary Gp at my local surgery for a blood pressure review as my usual one was away. The nurse who’d seen me a few days earlier confirmed that my blood pressure remains sky high and therefore the new medications weren’t working; to be frankly honest, this new information wasn’t exactly helpful in that department! (Although I guess it might explain the high readings along with an apparently high pulse rate).

Quite how this malfunction hadn’t been spotted during the numerous medical examinations I’d had in the past I have no idea, but hopefully all will become clearer once I’ve seen the heart specialist for my echo-cardiogram. I’m now trying NOT to focus on the fact that my father died from heart problems, and am choosing to be thankful that it’s been spotted (better late than never) and I’m excited about a whole new experience, rather than terrified of the implications. At least life’s never dull in my world!



I’ve now been a product tester with Tesco for over a year and it’s been a great way to road test new stuff without paying for it! Although some of it’s been a tad naff; like the floral dress which looked like a dishcloth after washing; I’ve also had several real successes. I’ve loved trying out a blue, fleece hoody so much I’ve barely taken it off during the winter, and the funky ‘swing dress’ was a useful addition to my holiday suitcase in December. I’m also now the proud owner of a very posh black & white jacket!

Not every item I’ve been offered has been clothing; far from it. I’ve just finished reviewing a deodorant and a few months ago it was face wash. I’ve even been sent a toilet roll before now (yes, just the one and it arrived in a large jiffy bag, lol) but variety really is the spice of life and I look forward to the next item I’m offered… no matter what it is!