I’ve now been a product tester with Tesco for over a year and it’s been a great way to road test new stuff without paying for it! Although some of it’s been a tad naff; like the floral dress which looked like a dishcloth after washing; I’ve also had several real successes. I’ve loved trying out a blue, fleece hoody so much I’ve barely taken it off during the winter, and the funky ‘swing dress’ was a useful addition to my holiday suitcase in December. I’m also now the proud owner of a very posh black & white jacket!

Not every item I’ve been offered has been clothing; far from it. I’ve just finished reviewing a deodorant and a few months ago it was face wash. I’ve even been sent a toilet roll before now (yes, just the one and it arrived in a large jiffy bag, lol) but variety really is the spice of life and I look forward to the next item I’m offered… no matter what it is!


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