I Did It Myself…


There’s no feeling in the world quite like achievements made solely on your own merits, with no help at all from anyone else. Knowing that you didn’t have to rely on another person, or people, to accomplish something is vastly more meaningful than when others did part of the work for you.

I fixed my own tech equipment by watching youtube videos, not by playing the helpless blonde, hoping some nice chap would mend it for me. I got my new career without any help from others, but by making sure I secured an interview and then did the best I could on the day. Whether it’s something relatively small, like DIY, or something huge such as a new career, the satisfaction of knowing you did it all yourself is extremely gratifying.

Of course, I don’t do EVERYTHING myself; quiz nights would be no fun whatsoever flying solo for example; but these days I make sure that I’m surrounded by people I CHOOSE to be with rather than people I NEED to have in my life in order to function, and that’s a very strong basis for healthy and positive friendships.


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