“I’m a Celebrity…”


Well, not me (obviously) but King of the Jungle Carl Fogarty. The superbike champion was the special guest at a local classic car and motorbike event I went to at the weekend and I have to say he was utterly charming; spending lots of time chatting to fans and signing the obligatory endless autographs.

I’d attended the previous two events put on by a nearby bike dealership, and had enjoyed those, so I’d already decided I was going to pop down there even before the ‘star attraction’ was announced. The weather in the morning was decidedly ‘pants‘ but after lunch the sun came out and off I went – all dressed up in my favourite leather jacket and new skinny jeans! Everywhere you looked was row upon row of shiny 2-wheelers and renovated classic cars. The stage hosted interviews with a variety of speedway riders, stunt bikers and (of course) Mr Fogarty. There was also a live band to keep the crowds entertained and for the kiddies there were ice creams and a bouncy castle. Stalls included fundraisers from Help for Heroes, Air Ambulance and the Fire Brigade along with a variety of meat and beer outlets.

The whole event was a huge success for everyone involved, and from my own point of view I had a fabulous afternoon surrounded by chrome, leather and uniforms. Sometimes you just have to pinch yourself…


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