Lumps and Bumps…

Untitled-1I’d only gone to see my GP to discuss my upcoming cardiology appointment, but after simply asking for a second opinion on a small lump on my neck the focus swiftly altered and I was immediately booked in for blood tests and a scan! I must admit, all I was expecting was confirmation that all was ‘normal‘ so this sudden turn of events took me totally by surprise.

In less than a week I’d undergone both procedures and a few days later I was back with my GP to find out what the hell just happened. Apparently, anything to do with iffy lymph nodes throws the NHS into panic-mode, which is why I subsequently ended up with an urgent (within 7 days) referral to the haematology department at the local hospital! It’s the first time my doctor said the word lymphoma out loud, but I’m choosing to ignore it and am assuming it’s just a virus of some description.

I don’t have time to be ill – I’m far too busy living the dream


Let’s Get Quizzical…


Well, I’ve already enjoyed several Quiz Nights, and a Quiz with Musical Bingo, and now I’ve been to a Quiz with a meal! The event was a fundraiser for a local Wildlife charity and the venue was a fabulous posh golf club right next to a beautiful lake. As it was such a warm evening it was the perfect place to chill out with a drink while watching ducks and moorhens swimming among the water lillies.

Being veggie, my yummy jacket spud was covered in cheddar cheese while the carnivores tucked into chilli. The quiz consisted of questions our team were actually able to answer, for once, and although we didn’t win any of the raffle prizes a thoroughly good time was had by all.

What an excellent way to spend an evening; stunning location, great company, delicious meal, fun quiz and all in aid of a worthwhile cause. Well done to the organisers – can’t wait for the next one!

Viva Espana!

lanWoo hoo… another holiday in Lanzarote, BOOKED! I adore the Canary Islands and I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to be returning there this year. Although I’ve been to Lanzarote twice previously I’ve never been to Costa Teguise, so this is even more exciting. There’s lots of new places, new people and new experiences to look forward to, not to mention all that gorgeous sunshine!

As I appear to have lost more weight since my Gran Canaria adventures last December I’ll need some new clothes, and new swimwear too. It’ll be fantastic to be lazing around on a vast beach under rows of palm trees being surrounded by bird-of-paradise flowers again. I can almost taste those sangrias and mojitos already! Now where did I put that Spanish phrase book…?!

Who Said “Girls Can’t Do Flat-Pack?!”…

deskWith my spare desktop pc now all hooked up to the internet in my lounge, I decided that it needed a nice, new computer desk to sit on rather than the grotty-looking second-hand atrocity that was currently proving to be quite an eye-sore. After measuring the space and spending an age searching online for just the right thing, I finally found what I was looking for in Argos. As it was going to be a bit too heavy to haul onto a bus I decided to pay a few quid and get it delivered, and a couple of days later the van pulled up and my lovely new desk had arrived.

I had my tool kit ready as I eagerly tore open the box and fought my way through a mountain of polystyrene, bubble wrap and plastic bags to locate all of the different pieces ready for assembly. I’d never seen ‘locking nuts’ before, let alone used them, but embracing all things new I slowly but surely worked my way through the instructions, and voilà! In just over an hour, and without a single tantrum, I’d put together a fabulous and fully-functioning computer desk, with locking wheels and pull-out tray all moving as they should, with absolutely no help whatsoever from anyone else. No, it’s not ‘rocket science‘ but I’m actually quite proud of myself.

If At First You Don’t Succeed…


Several weeks ago, my spare desktop pc decided that for no apparent reason it no longer wished to connect to the internet via wifi. I googled til I was blue in the face, but despite learning a load of new words and abbreviations; SSID, WPA, WEP, Hexadecimal (yes, apparently that’s a word!), and so forth; it just wasn’t happening.

However, I was determined to have a second computer online one way or another, so after watching dozens of Youtube tutorials and experiencing many, MANY failed attempts I finally managed to hard wire it. Hurrah! I realise that there’s tech bods out there who’d have been able to have it all up and running within minutes, but the sheer joy of knowing that I’ve conquered a few of the mysteries of home computer networks all by myself is immense. YEEEEEEEEEEEEES!

Mummy & Me Time…


It’s only now I’m getting older that I realise I’m actually turning into my mother! There’s no getting away from it; as the old cliché goes “The apple never falls far from the tree“. After spending the morning accompanying mum around town on the hottest day of the year so far (or to be more accurate, listening to her reject endless cafes for no logical reason until I practically drag her into one before I faint from dehydration), I feel that I should apologise profusely in advance to my daughters for when I inevitably go doolally as I too approach my twilight years. Wow, that ‘little old lady’ can say some wildly inappropriate things at times!

I’ve clearly inherited my love of going on long walks from my maternal line, although I was somewhat bemused to discover that although in her 70s she apparently has far more stamina than me, resulting in my not-so-subtle hints about her ‘having a rest‘ falling on selectively deaf ears. Despite my blisters however, I’m hugely grateful that she’s currently in good health, and I obviously hope that she remains so for as long as humanly possible. As we grow older it slowly dawns on us that our parents are not going to be around for ever, and time spent creating happy memories with them now, while it’s still possible, will be something special to look back on when they’re sadly no longer here…

Bunting, Brass Band & Boats!


This can only mean one thing – REGATTAAAAAAAAAAA! The sun was hot, the ice creams were cold, and I spent a wonderful afternoon participating in boaty things by the River. There were stalls with traders selling everything from designer handbags to cupcakes, there was also face painting and Punch ‘n’ Judy for the kiddies and a seemingly endless selection of al fresco foodstuff involving BBQs along with enough alcohol to float a battleship (not that there actually were any battleships at the regatta!)

Standing at the end of the jetty I was in a prime position, alongside all the ‘professional’ photographers, to snap a few nice pics of the WODs, BODs, Smacks, Gaffers, Dinghys and Racing Yachts (£1 for a programme was clearly money well spent), before indulging in some long overdue sunbathing on the quayside while being entertained by a bona fide brass band. Summer has now arrived, and it’s glorious…