Bunting, Brass Band & Boats!


This can only mean one thing – REGATTAAAAAAAAAAA! The sun was hot, the ice creams were cold, and I spent a wonderful afternoon participating in boaty things by the River. There were stalls with traders selling everything from designer handbags to cupcakes, there was also face painting and Punch ‘n’ Judy for the kiddies and a seemingly endless selection of al fresco foodstuff involving BBQs along with enough alcohol to float a battleship (not that there actually were any battleships at the regatta!)

Standing at the end of the jetty I was in a prime position, alongside all the ‘professional’ photographers, to snap a few nice pics of the WODs, BODs, Smacks, Gaffers, Dinghys and Racing Yachts (£1 for a programme was clearly money well spent), before indulging in some long overdue sunbathing on the quayside while being entertained by a bona fide brass band. Summer has now arrived, and it’s glorious…


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