Mummy & Me Time…


It’s only now I’m getting older that I realise I’m actually turning into my mother! There’s no getting away from it; as the old cliché goes “The apple never falls far from the tree“. After spending the morning accompanying mum around town on the hottest day of the year so far (or to be more accurate, listening to her reject endless cafes for no logical reason until I practically drag her into one before I faint from dehydration), I feel that I should apologise profusely in advance to my daughters for when I inevitably go doolally as I too approach my twilight years. Wow, that ‘little old lady’ can say some wildly inappropriate things at times!

I’ve clearly inherited my love of going on long walks from my maternal line, although I was somewhat bemused to discover that although in her 70s she apparently has far more stamina than me, resulting in my not-so-subtle hints about her ‘having a rest‘ falling on selectively deaf ears. Despite my blisters however, I’m hugely grateful that she’s currently in good health, and I obviously hope that she remains so for as long as humanly possible. As we grow older it slowly dawns on us that our parents are not going to be around for ever, and time spent creating happy memories with them now, while it’s still possible, will be something special to look back on when they’re sadly no longer here…


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