A Sunday Constitutional…


When the weather’s warm and dry, what better way to spend a Sunday afternoon than to take a friend for a stroll around your local outdoor spaces. A seemingly mundane route, that you’ve taken a thousand times before, suddenly becomes a guided tour of all the flora and fauna you’d long since taken for granted. By showing others all of the wonderful and interesting aspects of the area it can really open your own eyes, letting you see your previously familiar world in a whole new light.

This can be an appropriate metaphor for life, and a valuable lesson to take on board. Try to look at the things around you as if you’re seeing them for the very first time, and truly appreciate their wonder. Life is short, and precious, and today I think that the penny finally dropped for me. As the late, great Nina Simone once sang; “It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life for me, and I’m feelin’ good. …

karen at salary brook_bw


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