Catching Up…


When you’re insanely busy, it’s nice when you can finally manage to schedule an afternoon natter with an old friend. When I met up with my gal pal in town it was rather chilly outside, so we popped into a nearby cafe to de-frost and catch up with each other’s gossip. Even though it’d only been a year since we last got together, and we’ve regularly texted each other in the meantime, it was good to be able to put the world to rights over a large Americano and a latte.

In fact, we’d both clearly done a lot more than we first thought in the previous 12 months because an hour whizzed by, as did 2 and then 3! It was only when it started getting dark outside that we suddenly realised how long we’d been nattering for! So, after warm hugs, and promises not to leave it so long the next time, I headed back home – via the chemist to buy some throat sweets. I have a feeling I may need them later…


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