I’m not generally a very ‘with it‘ kind of person and have never really been into the latest fads or fashions, however, since I got my first proper understanding of Steampunk I admit I’m utterly hooked. I’d originally heard the term over a year ago on a tv show about bespoke cakes (a couple were having a themed wedding and wanted a Steampunk cake) but at the time I just didn’t ‘get it’, but I do now.

I’ve always liked Victorian clothing, and paraphernalia, and I do like anything a bit quirky or eccentric, so it was only a matter of time before I discovered something that’d be right up my street. Only time will tell how long this new obsession will actually last, but for now I’m enjoying sticking brass cogs and keys everywhere and trawling charity shops for anything vaguely appropriate that I can wear, which is in keeping with the genre but doesn’t make me look a complete fool in tescos. Ah, the utter joy of finding a brand new hobby it quite exhilarating…



Having a Moment…

youre my world

You know that feeling, when you hear a song that you’ve heard a hundred times before, but for some reason or other this particular time it catches you emotionally unawares? Well that just happened to me.

Whether it’s related to the fact that in recent days there’s been lots of upsetting stories of tragedies in the world on TV and in the newspapers, or whether I’m just ‘having a moment‘, I’m not at all certain. Maybe it’s a combination of both, but when it happens it really can stop you in your tracks and force you to think about the genuinely important things in life.

For this reason, please just indulge me as I dedicate the Cilla Black song ‘You’re My World’ to my beautiful twin daughters … You’re My World

Shout Out, Get Out, Stay Out…


I’m rather pleased with myself because I managed to nab a coveted spot on another free Professional Development course that my new employers run, and this time there was more in-depth training on the Health & Safety aspects of fire hazards, which goes hand-in-hand with my new role as a Fire Evacuation Steward. These are transferable skills I can use in any situation, including when I’m at home.

The highly experienced trainer pulled no punches and I have to admit his shock tactics worked. I now know that the majority of fires are caused by electrics, and that you should never use a multi-way for plugging in anything that produces heat (hair straighteners, fan heater, etc). I also learnt that it takes just two and a half minutes from the first wisp of smoke before you become unconscious, and that given the amount of electrics in bedrooms nowadays you should have a smoke detector in them, with an absolute minimum of two in each home. We were also warned that despite the romance of a candle-lit bath, fibreglass (which many baths are made from) is highly flammable and you really don’t want to find yourself sitting inside a ring of fire!

As landings, stairs and hallways are your pathway out of a burning building you should never have anything in them that would be a trip hazard in a dark / smoky environment. Also, closing all doors wherever possible is the best way to keep any potential fire at bay long enough for you to exit safely, and unless you’re a fully trained fireman, never ever attempt to put a fire out yourself or return to a burning building. The main message however was just three simple things; in the event of a fire, shout out, get out and stay out!

Lucky for Some…

Picture 020

Despite the uncertain weather forecast and the fact that it was Friday 13th, when an opportunity for a road trip presents itself when you have a day off work, it would be churlish to turn down the offer, which is how I ended up in a lovely old town with a quayside looking at gorgeous boaty things.

It’s great exploring shops with your mates because you can simply relax and be yourself, and nobody judges you when you sniff an incense stick a little too hard and end up with a runny nose. Despite a distinctly fresh breeze it remained dry for the most part, which led to numerous photo opportunities in close proximity to churches, wildlife and rather large statues.

Lunch was very welcome and really tasty. I scoffed down a rather delicious veggie chilli, returning a couple of hours later to stuff my face with a gloriously indulgent and scrumptious scone with clotted cream and strawberry jam! Some folk may be a tad wary of such an ominous date, however, if today was anything to go by, Friday 13th is actually extremely lucky for me.

Picture 136

Head Hunted…

karen waddy

I must be doing something right at my new job, as it appears that I’ve now been head-hunted by another department. I found out that my services were required via an email out of the blue, and I had to pinch myself when I realised who it was from – one of the administrators in a brand spanking new, multi-million pound building, which has only been open a couple of months. I had a sneaky peek inside it a few weeks ago and was overawed with it’s magnificence … and I’ll now be freelancing in it!

The even better part is that it fits in perfectly with my other work, so it’ll simply be an additional source of income as and when I’m needed. OMG, it even has actual palm trees inside, yes, real palm trees! It’ll be like having a holiday but getting paid to be there. I’m so stupidly excited I feel I could burst at any minute. Woo hoo…!

Tons of Storage…


As I’m well aware that my main computer is on it’s last legs, and will soon be making its way to the pc scrapheap in the sky, I decided to shell out for some external storage in order to ensure the safekeeping of my important files and documents should it decide to suddenly go out with a bang. This decision coincided with the latest Clubcard Boost promotion by Tesco, which was rather handy as I only ended up paying out four quid to protect all of my data.

The joys of ‘click & collect’ meant I simply had to pop to my local store once I’d received a text to say my new gadget had arrived – what could be simpler? I now have two terabytes of space to fill at my leisure, which should more than cope with my ever-expanding photo collection as well as a ton of Word documents and spreadsheets, along with whatever else I find lurking on my current hard-drive. As they say, “Every Little Helps…!”

Coffee and Cakes…


Less than 24 hours after my posh night out on the town, I was sober enough to pop round a friend’s place to admire her recently re-decorated home. Never knew I could be quite so jealous of someone else’s wallpaper! As caffeine seems a decent cure for a hangover it was an ideal scenario to put the world to rights over a coffee, while enjoying extremely yummy fresh cream cakes filled with raspberries, followed by flapjacks topped with toffee and marshmallows. Thank heavens for elasticated waistbands.

Seeing what a great job my mate’s done has now made me start thinking about new ideas and possible colour schemes for my own pied-a-terre. I don’t have a vast budget and will be limited by what I can achieve by myself, but I think that by next spring I’ll have managed to put together a few ideas and give the old place a bit of a re-vamp. There’s nothing like the idea of a new project on the horizon for firing up the creative juices. How exciting!