I’m not generally a very ‘with it‘ kind of person and have never really been into the latest fads or fashions, however, since I got my first proper understanding of Steampunk I admit I’m utterly hooked. I’d originally heard the term over a year ago on a tv show about bespoke cakes (a couple were having a themed wedding and wanted a Steampunk cake) but at the time I just didn’t ‘get it’, but I do now.

I’ve always liked Victorian clothing, and paraphernalia, and I do like anything a bit quirky or eccentric, so it was only a matter of time before I discovered something that’d be right up my street. Only time will tell how long this new obsession will actually last, but for now I’m enjoying sticking brass cogs and keys everywhere and trawling charity shops for anything vaguely appropriate that I can wear, which is in keeping with the genre but doesn’t make me look a complete fool in tescos. Ah, the utter joy of finding a brand new hobby it quite exhilarating…



One thought on “Steampunk…

  1. Hi I found your blog after exploring a Steampunk tag. Just like you I have just discovered Steampunk after visiting a local Steampunk Festival. I am hooked as well. I’ve done a post with photos on my blog. The next day I was scouring local charity shops and started forming an outfit! I even bought some Steampunk books. Love the photo of the Steampunk room. I hope you will post some more about your new hobby. From Debra @


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