Christmas Cobwebs…


Picture 010

What better way to blow away those Christmas cobwebs than to take a long, sunny walk, and it’s even better if you can take a mate along with you. The week between Christmas and New Year can be a strange period; especially for those off work and who have therefore lost their usual daily routine. Personally, I like to get out and about, weather permitting, so when the sun decided to show it’s face this morning that’s exactly what I did.

Although it’s always lovely to walk my favourite route, it was especially nice to be acting as tour guide for a chum. As we walked through countryside, beside a river, we saw plenty of wildlife including robins, finches, herons, ducks, swans and seagulls. The locals clearly take Christmas very seriously as they’d decorated a random tree beside a footpath with an array of sparkly baubles – as you do! Being close to a railway track meant that the inevitable train thundered past, and when we reached our destination I could finally enjoy all things boaty.

The pub lunch was extremely welcome and the delicious sarnies and chips, washed down with coffees, sustained us during the return trek. Having fun doesn’t necessarily have to cost a lot of money, you just need to do the things that make you happy. It’s even better if you can share your enjoyment with a friend.


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