Professional Development…

karen waddy

Today I attended another of the free Professional Development courses offered by my new employer, and it was, indeed, a real eye opener. The theme was ‘unconscious bias’ and involved lots of powerpoint slides,  a video, some optical illusions, group discussions and a fun exercise involving A4 sheets and pots of felt tipped pens! Despite genuinely believing that I treat everyone the same, I apparently don’t, (which was rather mortifying although quite normal behaviour by all accounts).

I’m not entirely sure whether or not I fully understood everything that was said, but I met some great new people and my employment portfolio now has another new addition to it. Stepping out of my comfort zone has become a bit of a theme for me over the past two years and the further I venture into the unknown the braver I get. I’ve now booked myself onto the next PD course and it’s all about motivation – quite excited to find out how that’ll help me to achieve bigger and better things in the future…


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