Challenging Topic…


A workshop about pre-criminal counter-terrorism and how to identify people who may potentially be susceptible to radicalisation was never going to be a barrel of laughs, but in this day and age, unfortunately, it’s become an essential part of working in a multi-cultural environment.

New legislation in 2015 means that organisations now have certain responsibilities in trying to stop vulnerable individuals from becoming drawn into extremist activity, and during the session we learnt about what support was available to those at risk from such groups and where to go for further advice. We saw why some people are able to influence and manipulate others to commit crimes and we thought about who may be vulnerable to terrorism, as well as possible safe-guarding measures that can be put into place to attempt to guide people away from a variety of different extremist ideals, while still allowing freedom of speech.

I’m now more informed regarding the government programme called ‘Prevent’, and although I sincerely hope that I’ll never be in a position to have to use my training, at least I feel more equipped should the situation ever occur. Well, THAT was thought-provoking!


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