Difficult Times…


When you’ve been a witness in a horrific murder investigation, no matter how many months or even years have passed since the tragedy you can never entirely free yourself from it. At the time, there were detectives from three different police forces, along with the Serious Crime Squad, visiting me so frequently that I was considering installing a revolving front door! There were the ‘timed walk throughs’ to do, taped and written interviews and so on, which all obviously needed to be completed as quickly as possible. Only my close friends and family knew of my involvement due to the sensitivity of the situation, especially given that the killer was still at large, although obviously the neighbours were rather intrigued.

Eventually, someone local was arrested and has admitted to it, which you’d hope would be the end of it. However, cases like this are rarely straightforward, and the wheels of the legal process will inevitably grind painfully slowly until the court case finally begins. This means the local press will now have a field day dragging up every tiny scrap of information, while those unfortunate enough to be affected by the story have to re-live that truly awful day over and over again. It all looks so ‘exciting’ on the telly, but I can assure you that the reality is very different…


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