Fact Finding…


When you work in a multi-cultural environment, some of the people you spend time with will probably be Muslim. I admit that I know absolutely nothing about Islam, other than all the negative press regarding terrorism and so on, which is why I decided to attend an awareness event put on by Islamic students at the local university.

Admittedly, I was a little wary beforehand, but within minutes I’d been put at ease by the kindness and courtesy shown to me by those running the information stands. Not once did I feel pushed into doing, thinking or reading anything, and I was able to wander around taking it all in at my own pace. I was offered (and I accepted) a free cup of mint tea, which tasted lovely, and I had my name written in Arabic as a little memento. I came away with a few pamphlets and a book which I can read in my own time, should I choose to do so.

I have no political agenda regarding the whole ‘Muslim debate’ nor do I feel the urge to ‘convert’; this was simply my own personal desire to find out some of the facts for myself, rather than relying on other people’s uninformed opinions, and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. Hopefully, the small amount of knowledge I gained today will make me a more understanding and accepting human being, which in this day and age is no bad thing…


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