The Day I Went Pop!

andy warhol

When a local gallery advertised that it would be hosting an Andy Warhol Exhibition, I have to admit I was a little curious. I have no real knowledge of Pop Art, but was drawn to the whole 60’s thing, so this afternoon I went along to indulge in a bit of culture.

The first thing that struck me were the colours and totally ‘in your face‘ pictures hanging on plain white walls. It was a shocking but exciting at the same time. I recognised a few key pieces and it was good to be experiencing something very different for once. There were drawings, silkscreen paintings, photographs, films, posters, prints and installations to get your head around, so plenty there for Warhol fans as well as the uninitiated. In fact, as the event runs for another month I shall definitely treat myself to a second delicious helping of kitsch before it ends.


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