Let Them Eat Cake…

valerie patisserie

It’d been all work and no play for me in recent weeks, so when a good friend invited me for afternoon tea I jumped at the opportunity to mix gossip with cakes. The weather was mild, despite it being a Bank Holiday weekend, so we made the most of it by sitting in her back garden on her lovely, comfy swing seat. There were three of us girlies, with my friend’s hubby dutifully acting as head chef and waiter.

Surrounded by floral delights we were presented with a dainty and delicious sandwich selection, accompanied by hot drinks. No sooner had we scoffed those, when the cake stand arrived, and oh my word! I’ve passed Patisserie Valerie in town several times and drooled at their fabulous creations, but never imagined in my wildest dreams that I’d be offered such silky rich mouthfuls of chocolate heaven to savour. By now, the elastic in my trousers was at it’s limit, and I was certain I couldn’t eat another thing, when out came the freshly backed scones – still hot!

Greed is not a virtue, but it would’ve been rude to say no and so I scooped a spoonful of thick, clotted cream onto my freshly cut scone, then topped it off with top quality fruit jam. Good job we ended up chatting for the next four hours because I was far too full to move. I have a sneaking suspicion I won’t want any tea tonight, or any breakfast, or even dinner, tomorrow!



Army presentation pack

My boss had received a rather posh and proper invite to a prestigious corporate event hosted by The Army Engagement Team but wasn’t able to attend, so she asked yours truly if I’d like to go on her behalf. What? Dress up all fancy and get treated to some free food and drinks while being surrounded by men in uniform? Well, it’d be rude to refuse, so I agreed to be her representative. I also agreed (albeit reluctantly) to behave myself.

I’d been given a rather swanky ID card prior to the event, which meant I could jump the queue and therefore spend more time schmoozing with high ranking military personnel; good evening Brigadier; and business executives, before being ushered into a large room for the hour long presentation. Talks and videos all done and dusted it was back to the reception room for the nosh and more chat, before eventually making my way to my taxi home whilst carrying a fabulous presentation box full of goodies. And yes, I did actually manage to behave myself for once, although admittedly it was a challenge.

Messing About on the River…


When you draw the curtains first thing on a Sunday morning and see wall-to-wall sunshine, there’s only one thing for it – go and play with boats. So, with my bag packed and factor 50 smothered all over me, I headed for my favourite riverside haunt to absorb myself in all things boaty.

The walk there is along a beautiful trail adjacent to the river, so there were plenty of fabulous photo opportunities en route. By the time I arrived the sun was blazing and the water had a beautiful shimmer to it. I’d never actually been on the little ferry before so it was a real treat to be able to go on board today. The spray was cool on my face and I thoroughly enjoyed chatting to the locals. The yachts going past looked massive compared to the tiny craft I was on, but lane etiquette prevailed and we were never in any danger.

Back on dry land it was off to the brand new pontoon to see just how far out I could go before chickening out. As it happens, I’m braver than I thought and I got right to the end, albeit carefully. Ahhhhh… it’s hot, sunny days like this that make you feel truly glad to be alive. More of that please!