Messing About on the River…


When you draw the curtains first thing on a Sunday morning and see wall-to-wall sunshine, there’s only one thing for it – go and play with boats. So, with my bag packed and factor 50 smothered all over me, I headed for my favourite riverside haunt to absorb myself in all things boaty.

The walk there is along a beautiful trail adjacent to the river, so there were plenty of fabulous photo opportunities en route. By the time I arrived the sun was blazing and the water had a beautiful shimmer to it. I’d never actually been on the little ferry before so it was a real treat to be able to go on board today. The spray was cool on my face and I thoroughly enjoyed chatting to the locals. The yachts going past looked massive compared to the tiny craft I was on, but lane etiquette prevailed and we were never in any danger.

Back on dry land it was off to the brand new pontoon to see just how far out I could go before chickening out. As it happens, I’m braver than I thought and I got right to the end, albeit carefully. Ahhhhh… it’s hot, sunny days like this that make you feel truly glad to be alive. More of that please!


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