Treasure Hunting…


It’d been a while since my last geocaching trip, so today’s excursion was well overdue. The weather was overcast, but warm and dry which made for a very pleasant afternoon wandering around outdoors searching for treasure. After picking up our first couple of finds in a residential area; which took a bit longer than anticipated due to a dodgy GPS and a red herring; we headed off into countryside.

A small, broken bridge was a sure-fire hiding place, or so we thought, but after a good old poke around it became apparent the cache was elsewhere. The first of our next four finds was eventually located but the second one was nowhere to be seen. The only place it physically could’ve been was in the base of a large oak tree, however, bees has decided to make a nest inside the hole and there was no way that either of us was prepared to stick our hands inside for a rummage, so a disappointing DNF (did not find) was noted and we reluctantly headed off to locate the next one. Eventually, after traipsing through a large field and finding ourselves literally up to our armpits in stinging nettles, we’d completed the challenge. Hurrah! I must admit that although, at times, this can be a slightly frustrating hobby, spending an afternoon outside with a mate, discovering hidden places and sharing new experiences is actually extremely good fun.


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