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Life Begins Front Cover

After blogging about my experiences as a middle aged singleton for the past two and a half years, I decided to invest a bit of time and effort putting an e-book together. Little did I realise quite what a task it was going to be, but eventually, after edit number ten (or was it eleven?) I decided it was now or never. Using one of my own holiday photographs, I created a cover, and finally uploaded Life Begins at 51 (and a half) to the Amazon e-book store. Thanks to another of my holiday snaps I created a cover for e-book number two; Life Gets Better at 52 (and a half); and now both e-books are available to the general public – how exciting!

Although much of the material is similar to the blog, large parts of it was re-written to suit a wider audience. I’m rather hoping that taking a satirical peep into the personal life of a middle aged single woman will help people to pass the time during a holiday flight. Alterantively, the bite-sized chunks, in the familiar diary format, are easily digested during an afternoon around a pool or on a beach somewhere exotic.

Both books are available for purchase, and they are also available from Kindle Unlimited (KU) as well as the Kindle Owners Lending Library (KOLL).

Feel free to take a look for yourself: Amazon Author Page

Life Gets Better


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