And Relaxxxxxxxxxxxxx…


I’ve had neck and back pain for years, but in recent weeks I’d noticed that my neck
was getting much worse; possibly not helped by the increased hours I’m now doing
sitting at dual computer screens in my new job; so I decided to treat myself to a
lovely long massage by a fully qualified therapist in town.

I arrived at the scheduled appointment time to meet my masseur, the lovely Lucy,
who showed me to a gorgeous therapy room with cream shag-pile carpet and enormous
fluffy, purple towels, where I was to be pampered for the next ninety minutes while
listening to ambient music in a relaxing environment. After a brief discussion
regarding my medical history it was time to strip off and get smothered in scented
oils by a woman I’d only just met – how fabulously bohemian! That talented lady
worked miracles, as one by one my aches all vanished and my pain just melted away.
However, all too soon my session was over, but only temporarily as I’m now earning
enough to be able to regularly afford a few of life’s little luxuries.

Due to the fact my body felt like jelly I opted to take the bus back home rather
than walk, which meant I was able to enjoy the after-effects of my wonderful loose
muscles in the comfort of my own home just 15 minutes after leaving the room. Who
said money can’t buy happiness? For a relatively small portion of your salary you
can purchase more pain relief than a small pharmacy could offer, and as an added
bonus you get silky smooth skin that smells divine and the same sense of euphoria
you get from chocolate, but without the calories. Result!


Team Breakfast…


You know that you’ve landed well and truly on your feet when your manager arranges for everyone to enjoy a leisurely ‘team breakfast’ to thank us for simply doing our jobs. This morning, my colleagues and I were taken down to the canteen and treated to a full English, or whatever else we happened to fancy, and large coffees. I don’t eat meat or eggs so chose veggie sausage, hash brown, mushrooms, baked beans and toast, and I have to say it was very welcome indeed!

Suitably sustained, and finally ready to face the day, we returned to the office to get down to the business of the weekly team meeting; an opportunity for each and every one of us to update our co-workers on what we’ve been doing, what still needs to be completed and any issues or deadlines which need to be discussed. By the time we were all done and dusted it was almost lunchtime, although to be honest I wasn’t particularly hungry (can’t imagine why…)

Sometimes our jobs can be challenging, and we can begin to feel under-valued, but it’s small gestures like this that can make a huge difference to the working environment, and I applaud any bosses out there who show genuine appreciation to their staff. ┬áSometimes the little things really do mean a lot.

I’m Going to Need a Considerably Bigger Suitcase…


Woo hoo! Another Canarian adventure all booked up and I can’t wait. The Moorish-styled complex is nestled in between volcanic coves right next to the sea, and with a choice of five swimming pools, free wifi throughout, seven restaurants plus bars, professional shows every evening and a massive tropical garden to enjoy I certainly won’t be bored during my all-inclusive luxury getaway.

Now that I’m earning a decent wage, and getting holiday pay, I can finally afford to splash out and treat myself to something fabulous every now and again; and what could be more fabulous than two whole weeks of sun, sea and sangria? Ah, I can picture it now… palm trees, sandy beaches and, of course, all those lovely Spanish waiters. It just goes to show that if you’re prepared to work that little bit harder, you can play for a whole lot longer. Disfrutando la vida!