Armistice Day…


I’ve never been in a position before when I’ve been able to stand alongside colleagues in and act of remembrance on 11th November at 11am before, so this Friday was an opportunity to achieve another first.

A small shelter in a nearby square had been made into a temporary place of worship
and everyone was given a leaflet with an order of service on. Not only were the traditional red poppies available, but also white ‘peace’ poppies. I’m not remotely religious, but it felt very appropriate to be present with the people I spend most of my time with during the fifteen minute service.

Thoughts obviously turned to those who bravely fought for our freedom during the two minutes of quiet contemplation, and that was a very powerful experience for me. Afterwards, staff were encouraged to attach a poppy or a small wooden cross to a
net which had been strung across back of the shelter; a simple but poignant gesture…

“Lest we forget.”


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