Babysitting Big Kids…


As an experienced invigilator I’m regularly offered the opportunity to earn some extra cash overseeing a wide variety of tests and exams, which also provides me with endless amusement. You think you’ve heard it all; ‘I was only looking at my phone to check the time’. ‘I haven’t got a pen’. ‘What’s this?’ (A treasury tag!) and so on.

I’d agreed to spend Friday evening looking after a room full of millennials sitting a two hour exam on Risk Management and Financial Institutions, and they didn’t disappoint in the hilarity stakes, especially with the utterly absurd hair dos and ridiculous outfits.

It felt a bit surreal to be walking home from work at 7.30pm on a Friday as I’m usually a nine-to-five administrator, but I got to earn a few extra quid towards my next holiday; more euros for extra treats in Cyprus. The main exam period will begin at the end of April; six whole weeks of saying “Turn your mobile phones off” and losing weight by walking literally miles every day back and forth to the loos. I’m already excited…


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