Topless At Work…


After one of my co-workers made a passing comment about getting a neck massage on campus for her muscle pain, I was keen to investigate further as I’ve spent years suffering with my arthritic neck. A quick check of the website confirmed that the on-site Sports Therapy Clinic wasn’t just to treat sporty students with games-related injuries but also available for staff to take full advantage of as well.

An email enquiry was made, followed up with a phone call, and to my amazement there was no waiting list and I could get an appointment any time I wanted (unlike the jolly old NHS). This morning, off I went to the snazzy new facility that only opened six weeks ago, where I was greeted by a lovely young lad who took a detailed medical history before taking me into a private room for further investigation. He was extremely thorough with his assessment and came up with several really helpful pieces of advice before ending the session slathering my bare back in scented oils (all legal and above board despite it feeling ‘wrong‘ to be enjoying a young man massaging me while topless, especially at the place where I work).

I have to say, the treatment I received was first class, and with appointments available whenever I need one I’ll definitely be a regular customer, and at just £5 a session it’s ridiculously good value for money. What a result…!


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