Oh I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside…


By a happy coincidence, the sun was shining and I was off work at the same time as a friend with a car, so the only thing for it was to head off to the seaside for the day. Forty five minutes later we were walking on the sand discussing beach huts when we noticed that just across the road were some amazing gardens.

Apparently, the local council had spent a vast sum of cash, including money from the Heritage Lottery Fund, on regenerating their eight Edwardian gardens. Wow! So much to see it was a little overwhelming at first. Bluebells were everywhere, along with yellow irises, large white daisies, wallflowers, marigolds and dozens of beautiful flowers I don’t know the names of. Ponds, waterfalls and sculptures were dotted around the place along with pagodas and other such hideaways to enjoy some shade in the heat of the day.

Walking works up your appetite so after a large portion of chips we went off to explore the docks and nearby nature reserve, before returning to the pier for cappuccinos and a final wander around the perfectly manicured lawns. I’m so lucky to have like-minded friends, who are willing and able to treat me to special day trips like this…


Holiday Pay…


This week I booked my annual leave online and today I received an email to say that my manager has approved it! Now, anyone who’s been employed for years probably won’t understand what all the fuss is about, but for those of us who are usually self-employed, the thought of being paid your full salary while roasting yourself on a beach thousands of miles away from the office is almost too good to be true.

I’ve now been trawling through holiday websites and currently have my eye on a fabulous, all-inclusive fortnight in The Canaries; fourteen days and nights of sun, sea and sangria while still receiving a wage. For the first time in my life I’m actually going to be paid to spend half a month getting drunk, ogling Spanish lifeguards and generally having an enormous amount of fun. It really does appear that good things come to those who wait, so hang on in there because you never know what exciting new experiences¬†might be¬†just around the corner.

A Very Happy Birthday…


The sun was shining, the sky was blue, so off we went on a pre-birthday trip to the coast! As I’m an outdoorsy person there really was no better way to celebrate than to be treated to an entire day of all things boaty and watery. We laughed at novice windsurfers, ate lunch in a fancy restaurant and walked miles along the sand; discussing everything from beach hut colours to wondering what the mini-pontoons were for, while avoiding stepping on jelly-fish.

Being chauffeur driven to lovely places and spoilt rotten all day long was an exceptional treat indeed, and a happy memory I’ll always cherish. I’m so very lucky to have such wonderful friends, and it doesn’t go unappreciated. Sometimes, the best gifts don’t come wrapped in fancy paper…

Viva Espana!

lanWoo hoo… another holiday in Lanzarote, BOOKED! I adore the Canary Islands and I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to be returning there this year. Although I’ve been to Lanzarote twice previously I’ve never been to Costa Teguise, so this is even more exciting. There’s lots of new places, new people and new experiences to look forward to, not to mention all that gorgeous sunshine!

As I appear to have lost more weight since my Gran Canaria adventures last December I’ll need some new clothes, and new swimwear too. It’ll be fantastic to be lazing around on a vast beach under rows of palm trees being surrounded by bird-of-paradise flowers again. I can almost taste those sangrias and mojitos already! Now where did I put that Spanish phrase book…?!

Oh I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside…

DSCN0044Despite chilly weather, with a strong wind, when you’re invited on a last-minute trip to the beach it’d be rude to turn it down, which is how I ended up spending a lovely day walking miles along a blustery promenade, dodging the waves lashing over a sea wall along the Essex coastline!

It felt good to clear out my lungs with all that fresh air, and it was actually very therapeutic listening to the sounds of the water and seagulls. A hike back across wet sand can build up quite an appetite, so lunch in a nearby restaurant was an additional and very welcome treat.

What a fabulous way to spend a Friday…

What Was That Song By Madonna?



Oh yes…. H-O-L-I-D-A-Y!

When the weather’s turned decidedly autumnal, and the cold & miserable winter is looming on the horizon, there’s only one thing for it – book a fabulous, all-inclusive holiday somewhere hot! Obviously, this won’t be a practical solution for everyone, but if you try to plan ahead and put aside whatever cash you can, it might not be beyond the realms of possibility that while everyone else has their central heating on full blast and are frozen solid simply walking to the car and back, you and your mates could be lounging around under a palm tree, sipping cocktails while letching at fit Spanish waiters! It’s certainly something nice to focus on to get you through the misery of dark, damp mornings and even darker, damper evenings.

Even if funds are a little too low to consider such a luxury right at this moment in time, if you enjoy foreign travel and feel in need of some RnR in the not too distant future, there’s nothing stopping you from creating a ‘holiday fund’ which you can stash any birthday and xmas money in, along with any unexpected windfalls. If you shop around you really can find some extremely affordable deals out there. The world is your oyster – so tuck in!