Lazing On A Sunny Afternoon…


When the weather’s bordering on insanely hot, there’s no better way to spend a Monday than to pop round to a mate’s house for a good old gossip in the garden, idly rocking back and forth on a swing seat with an ice-cold drink in one hand and a plate full of mini-cakes in the other. Between the three of us we managed to cover almost every topic under the sun during the afternoon, with plenty of giggles along the way.

I honestly can’t remember the last time I felt so relaxed, chilling out surrounded by flowers while watching the hilarious antics of her doves squabbling with the local pigeons over territory on the bird table and an adorable robin having a bath in the beautiful fairy water feature just a few feet away; no computers, no mobile phones, just good old fashioned, face-to-face, quality time spent with friends. Perfect…


Quality Time…



When the weather is cold and wet and the sky is all grey and miserable, there’s no better way to lift your spirits than to spend some quality time with your gorgeous girlies. Today has been another one of those warm, snuggly indoors days catching up with gossip while munching on chocolate chip cookies and squishy cakes. There was plenty of hot, sweet tea to quench the thirst while covering our usual diverse range of topics; putting the world to rights and laughing about feline shenanigans.

As usual I’ve learnt new things and reminisced over old things. My babies are lovely, grown up young ladies and I couldn’t be prouder of how they’ve both turned out. By my own choice I don’t have a partner to share Valentines Day with this week, and in any case no man on earth could ever make me feel more loved and cherished than my wonderful daughters do every time I see them. I’m a very lucky mum indeed…

Special People…

18th March 2017

It’s wonderful when your grown-up children want to regularly pop round, but it’s an even bigger compliment when their friends ask if they can come along and meet you too! The fact that I always provide a variety of delicious cakes and fancy biscuits might help, but they always seem to enjoy coming home and therefore I suspect it’s potentially down to previous, complimentary post-visit reviews which led to me meeting their lovely chum. Not only was I treated to an additional guest, I was given a gift bag filled with chocolatey goodies by my lovely girlies which was very unexpected, but much appreciated. As usual, we chatted about anything and everything, and yet again time just flew by.

I’m so grateful that I have my gorgeous daughters as I’m well aware that there are women out there who sadly haven’t been blessed with offspring, and I can’t imagine how unfulfilled they might feel. Bringing up children is a roller-coaster ride, often with as many downs as there are ups, but eventually, whether you like it or not, they’ll fly the nest. However, if you love them enough they’ll always find their way back home. As the saying goes, “Home is where the heart is…”

Charity Quiz…

mousseIt’d been a while since I last went to a Quiz Night, so when an opportunity arose to spend the evening with my mates helping to raise funds for an animal charity, while enjoying a decent quiz, I was more than ready to accept. The venue was a nice little village hall with plenty of tables and chairs to accommodate all the teams.

We’d been told to bring our own food and drink, although hot beverages were provided, so tea and posh cakes were the obvious choice. My sweet treat was a mixed berry mousse; fresh berries and whipped cream mousse on a vanilla sponge base, with a berry glaze, and was delicious. The questions were quite challenging, especially the anagrams, but we didn’t think we’d done too badly until the results were read out. It appears we came last, although we did get a ‘special‘ prize of a tube of smarties each so all was not lost.

The evening included a raffle, of course, and there were a decent amount of offerings on a table at the back of the room. Amazingly, I won and chose a lovely, ornate picture frame to go with my Steampunk theme at home. Well, what a fabulous night out. I spent the evening amongst friends having a great laugh, I won sweets and a prize and I was fed and watered like a queen. Not bad for a Tuesday!


Let Them Eat Cake…

valerie patisserie

It’d been all work and no play for me in recent weeks, so when a good friend invited me for afternoon tea I jumped at the opportunity to mix gossip with cakes. The weather was mild, despite it being a Bank Holiday weekend, so we made the most of it by sitting in her back garden on her lovely, comfy swing seat. There were three of us girlies, with my friend’s hubby dutifully acting as head chef and waiter.

Surrounded by floral delights we were presented with a dainty and delicious sandwich selection, accompanied by hot drinks. No sooner had we scoffed those, when the cake stand arrived, and oh my word! I’ve passed Patisserie Valerie in town several times and drooled at their fabulous creations, but never imagined in my wildest dreams that I’d be offered such silky rich mouthfuls of chocolate heaven to savour. By now, the elastic in my trousers was at it’s limit, and I was certain I couldn’t eat another thing, when out came the freshly backed scones – still hot!

Greed is not a virtue, but it would’ve been rude to say no and so I scooped a spoonful of thick, clotted cream onto my freshly cut scone, then topped it off with top quality fruit jam. Good job we ended up chatting for the next four hours because I was far too full to move. I have a sneaking suspicion I won’t want any tea tonight, or any breakfast, or even dinner, tomorrow!

Raspberry Éclairs…


When you’re juggling several jobs, feeling starved of a decent social life and the weather’s not been as ‘spring-like’ as you’d hoped, nothing cheers you up quite like having a good old natter with a couple of close friends; especially if it involves cakes. Today’s delicious treats were coffee topped profiteroles and raspberry éclairs, both filled with lashings of fresh cream. Afternoon tea does not involve calorie counting, and it never should.

We always manage to have a laugh and cover a wide variety of topics; everything from dead pigeons to farting in the bath. In fact, I doubt that there’s any subject we wouldn’t be able to discuss, and I find that very liberating. In a world of political correctness gone mad, it’s a relief to be able to ‘tell it how it is‘ knowing you won’t be judged. In fact, it feels so good that afternoon tea with friends should be available on prescription. It’d save the NHS millions.


Coffee and Cakes…


Less than 24 hours after my posh night out on the town, I was sober enough to pop round a friend’s place to admire her recently re-decorated home. Never knew I could be quite so jealous of someone else’s wallpaper! As caffeine seems a decent cure for a hangover it was an ideal scenario to put the world to rights over a coffee, while enjoying extremely yummy fresh cream cakes filled with raspberries, followed by flapjacks topped with toffee and marshmallows. Thank heavens for elasticated waistbands.

Seeing what a great job my mate’s done has now made me start thinking about new ideas and possible colour schemes for my own pied-a-terre. I don’t have a vast budget and will be limited by what I can achieve by myself, but I think that by next spring I’ll have managed to put together a few ideas and give the old place a bit of a re-vamp. There’s nothing like the idea of a new project on the horizon for firing up the creative juices. How exciting!