Re-Writing the Past…


Ten years ago I had a particularly stressful holiday to Cyprus which was entirely down to my poor choice in travel companion, and ever since then I’ve avoided going back, despite it being a beautiful destination. A decade later I’ve decided to right that wrong by booking a week at a fantastic luxury, beach-front hotel where I’ll over-indulge in all-inclusive food and drink while staying in a beautiful room with a sea view and balcony. There’s even an indoor pool, sauna and jacuzzi for guests to use should the weather be less than perfect during your stay!

It’s going to be utter bliss looking out at the Mediterranean and taking sunny walks to the nearby harbour to enjoy all things boaty. I’m very excited to be returning to Paphos, strolling around in the evening listening to the crickets chirping, sitting in the warm breeze watching stunning sunsets and exploring all the places I never got the opportunity to visit previously. Although I still adore the Canary Islands, a change is as good as a rest, and change is definitely in the air for 2018…


Making Time For Those You Love…


With a hectic pre-Christmas schedule it was impossible to find a mutually suitable time to visit my mother before the big day this year, therefore a compromise had to be found. After much thought I suggested we indulged in ‘afternoon tea’ at a posh hotel fairly close to where mum lives, so that we can enjoy a good old natter whilst indulging in a bit of luxury. Thankfully she agreed to this idea and so today I set off early, in sub-zero temperatures, to catch the bus.

Her little face lit up as I was dropped off, and we immediately began putting the world to rights. After an hour of thawing out at her place we hopped into a taxi which took us to the hotel, where I’d reserved us a table overlooking a pretty pond. Despite having walked past there literally hundreds of times, my mother had never stepped foot inside, so to be able to finally treat her to a little bit of luxury was wonderful.

Afternoon tea was sublime; delicious food and drink and excellent service, I really couldn’t have asked for more from them. Of course, mum was chuffed to bits and even though we didn’t manage to see each other before Christmas Day for the first time in my life, today has more than made up for it. When life gets busy it’s sometimes a little too easy to sideline people in order to fit everything in. However, family is very precious, and it’s vital to make sure that you somehow MAKE the time to be with those you love…

I’m Going to Need a Considerably Bigger Suitcase…


Woo hoo! Another Canarian adventure all booked up and I can’t wait. The Moorish-styled complex is nestled in between volcanic coves right next to the sea, and with a choice of five swimming pools, free wifi throughout, seven restaurants plus bars, professional shows every evening and a massive tropical garden to enjoy I certainly won’t be bored during my all-inclusive luxury getaway.

Now that I’m earning a decent wage, and getting holiday pay, I can finally afford to splash out and treat myself to something fabulous every now and again; and what could be more fabulous than two whole weeks of sun, sea and sangria? Ah, I can picture it now… palm trees, sandy beaches and, of course, all those lovely Spanish waiters. It just goes to show that if you’re prepared to work that little bit harder, you can play for a whole lot longer. Disfrutando la vida!

What Was That Song By Madonna?



Oh yes…. H-O-L-I-D-A-Y!

When the weather’s turned decidedly autumnal, and the cold & miserable winter is looming on the horizon, there’s only one thing for it – book a fabulous, all-inclusive holiday somewhere hot! Obviously, this won’t be a practical solution for everyone, but if you try to plan ahead and put aside whatever cash you can, it might not be beyond the realms of possibility that while everyone else has their central heating on full blast and are frozen solid simply walking to the car and back, you and your mates could be lounging around under a palm tree, sipping cocktails while letching at fit Spanish waiters! It’s certainly something nice to focus on to get you through the misery of dark, damp mornings and even darker, damper evenings.

Even if funds are a little too low to consider such a luxury right at this moment in time, if you enjoy foreign travel and feel in need of some RnR in the not too distant future, there’s nothing stopping you from creating a ‘holiday fund’ which you can stash any birthday and xmas money in, along with any unexpected windfalls. If you shop around you really can find some extremely affordable deals out there. The world is your oyster – so tuck in!




I’ve spent most of my adult life making ends meet on a somewhat limited budget, so in January, when the number of household residents at Chez Moi became 50% less, it made sense to me to budget for 50% lower monthly Direct Debits for the utility bills.

Nine months down the line it appears that one of us in my previous relationship must’ve been using rather more fuel and water than the other, as both Eon and Anglian Water have now delivered me a lovely big refund due to my current usage now being just 1/3 of what it was this time last year.

Apparently, several months of overpaying my bills equals an unexpected windfall which means I can really treat myself this Christmas, and the luxury of being single means I don’t have to share it with anyone else! Ho ho ho!