Special Days…

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Days can be special for many reasons; birthdays, anniversaries, and so on, but today was special for me because I got to combine two things I really love doing. I spent the morning catching up with my gorgeous twin daughters over cups of tea and jammie dodgers, which is my most favourite pastime in the whole wide world.  Just seeing their faces and listening to all of their news fills my heart with joy.

In the afternoon I took full advantage of the sunshine and went for a three hour walk in the countryside to a quaint little town next to a river. Spring had well and truly sprung and the air was full of birdsong as I wandered along the winding pathway flanked with hawthorn bushes in full bloom.

Upon arrival there were plenty of nautical things to appreciate and as I sat on the quayside, enjoying the warm sun on my face and the sound of the splashing of boats passing by it occurred to me that sometimes the best things in life are the things that money just can’t buy…


Happy Mothers Day…


Having children is a privilege and a blessing, even more so when your daughters grow up to become beautiful, talented, kind and caring young ladies.

I’ve just spent a very special Mothers Day in the company of my wonderful offspring. After being given a ‘naughty‘ yummy, choccy gift and a card that’s so fabulous I shall frame it, we tucked into cheese & ham rolls and Pringles, drank tea and munched on chocolate digestives. We chatted about all manner of girlie stuff, laughed at daft things and just enjoyed each other’s company. They are my raison d’être and today has been magical. Thank you to my ‘baby girls’  XXX

Make It Happen…



When the weather is cold / wet / miserable and the long-term forecast is for much more of the same, it’s essential to avoid feeling down in the dumps, otherwise it’s going to be a very long winter indeed. Instead of mooching around the house looking for biscuits to scoff on the sofa while watching trashy daytime telly, try to do something positive for yourself.

If you’ve been carrying a bit of excess baggage, use this opportunity while you’re stuck indoors to address the issue, even if it’s simply a case of dusting off your old exercise bike. If you’re looking at increasing your job prospects do some research and use the internet to learn some new skills. If you’re feeling a bit lonely take this opportunity to write a few long overdue emails to old friends (or, even nicer, write letters by hand!)

Just think; by next spring you could very well be slimmer, fitter, have new earning potential and have re-connected with some special people. Don’t sit around waiting for good things to happen; MAKE them happen!

New Wicks for Old Flames…


When your ex finds a new love it can bring mixed emotions. Depending on the circumstances, they may have already begun this relationship before they became your ex of course, but even if they managed to keep it in their pants for a week or two after walking out of the front door it can be quite a strange thing for you to deal with at first. (Although it should hardly come as a surprise that they instantly swap your bedsheets for someone else’s when your guitarist ex’s favourite joke of all time is ‘What do you call a musician without a girlfriend? Homeless!‘)

My advice is to resist the temptation to drag the nearest person off the street and swing them from the chandelier in a blatant act of revenge sex. This may make a strangers day a bit more ‘special‘ than they imagined when they woke up that morning, especially if they’d just popped out to buy a newspaper(!), but in the longrun you’ll just feel cheap and nasty.

Just sit back and feel smug knowing that once the ‘honeymoon period’ is over someone else is eventually going to have to deal with all of the challenging stuff which you went through. You can also take great pleasure in the fact that if she was remotely involved in his mysterious vanishing acts during his relationship with you it’ll only be a matter of time before he’s playing Secret Squirrel once again with somebody else – a leopard never changes it’s spots. Simply count your blessings that it’s no longer YOUR problem.




When you’re newly-single, it soon becomes apparent that there are an awful lot of firsts in your new life, and none are quite so overwhelming as the first time you venture into Tescos to buy ‘meals-for-one’. When you’ve spent all of your adult life shopping for children and/or partners, it’s extremely strange to no longer need certain aisles. You end up automatically in the meat section – even though you’re vegetarian. You pick up men’s deodorant that’s on special offer and ALMOST put it in the trolley. You look at enormous boxes of cereals thinking that will last a week when in reality it’ll last 6 months or more!

The best thing to do when faced with this type of situation is not to ask too much of yourself. Don’t try to figure out what a ‘weekly shop’ for one will involve, but just get enough to tide you over for a few days. Little and often will slowly re-build your confidence, and will prevent you from bulk-buying perishables which will end up in the bin. Now is not the time to be wasting your hard earnt cash.