Mothering Tuesday…

karen waddy

Some mums have Mother’s Day on a Sunday, but this year I had my special day on a Tuesday. When your grown up daughters are very busy people, it’s really lovely that they still arrange to give you a treat even when they can’t manage it for the traditional weekend version.

They arrived with a beautiful bouquet full of pink, cream and white flowers, which was a lovely surprise. We ate iced lemon cake and french fancies (as you do), while discussing everything from holidays to politics, and generally putting the world to rights. The afternoon passed within the blink of an eye and sadly it was all too soon for them to return to their respective homes.

I actually prefer being a bit different, and I think that Mothering Tuesday is a fabulous idea, especially when you get to spend it with the people you love most in the world. I’m a very lucky mum indeed.


Community Service…


I’ve done my fair share of volunteering over the years, and my most recent venture has been my involvement in a local project to help create a nicer environment in the area close to where I live. A small but dedicated team of ‘Community Wombles’ does all of the hard work, picking up litter and liaising with the council to get larger dumped items removed from the green spaces, woodland and stream, while I simply promote awareness by taking photos and writing regular blog posts. We’ve actually received awards for our efforts, which has been a nice surprise and has helped to motivate us to organise events.

In the past we’ve run a ‘Dog Awareness Day‘ in order to attempt to highlight the unsavoury issue of dog poo, and this weekend we held a ‘Picnic & Planting Day.‘ The aim was to plant hundreds of crocus, snowdrop and daffodil bulbs, along with wild flowers, which will become a floral legacy for future generations to enjoy. We were joined by various other volunteers who assisted with the digging, and it was wonderful to meet so many like-minded people. The weather was kind to us and by lunchtime all the tea had been drunk, cakes and biscuits eaten, the plants were in situ and various contact details had been exchanged with our lovely new friends. Life doesn’t always have to be about making money, it can be just as rewarding giving something back for a change…

Keep The Green Clean Link: Keep The Green Clean

For A Limited Time Only…


When you hear the news that an old flame has passed away, it can be a bit of a surprise, especially when they were several years younger than yourself. It also doesn’t help the situation when you’re contacted by your ex, via text, email and facebook, informing you that an old friend has also died, when you already knew from another source anyway. The thing about this getting older lark is that you have to accept the fact that people you once knew will end up dropping like flies during your senior years. Not only does it tug at the heart-strings; being sad for the families they leave behind; but it can really make you sit up and take notice of your own mortality.

I now have more years behind me than I’ll have ahead of me, which is a rather unpalatable truth I’d rather not dwell on too much. However, when your exes start popping their clogs it’s time to pull your metaphorical socks up, stop wasting time on people and things that are never going to enhance your life, and make the most of every moment. Carpe Diem…

More Tea Vicar…?!

DSCN0007I was just minding my own business, walking along with my camera down to the local quayside, when I heard the sound of bicycle bells ringing and people whooping loudly. As I turned round I couldn’t believe my eyes. There were a large group of over two dozen men and women riding bikes in various stages of nudity! Instead of boats and barges I ended up photographing boobies and bums – blimey! (Not entirely sure the bell ringing was absolutely necessary in order to gain attention, given that their rude bits were all hanging out in public!)

The last time I saw so much genitalia on my birthday it was a rather raucous affair in a pub of ill repute during my hedonistic youth, so seeing so many dangly bits on my birthday, right outside tescos, was something I never could’ve anticipated in a million years – how fabulous!

Well done to the World Naked Bike Ride people for the birthday surprise. Goodness, that made me feel quite unnecessary, pass the brandy mother…!

Lumps and Bumps…

Untitled-1I’d only gone to see my GP to discuss my upcoming cardiology appointment, but after simply asking for a second opinion on a small lump on my neck the focus swiftly altered and I was immediately booked in for blood tests and a scan! I must admit, all I was expecting was confirmation that all was ‘normal‘ so this sudden turn of events took me totally by surprise.

In less than a week I’d undergone both procedures and a few days later I was back with my GP to find out what the hell just happened. Apparently, anything to do with iffy lymph nodes throws the NHS into panic-mode, which is why I subsequently ended up with an urgent (within 7 days) referral to the haematology department at the local hospital! It’s the first time my doctor said the word lymphoma out loud, but I’m choosing to ignore it and am assuming it’s just a virus of some description.

I don’t have time to be ill – I’m far too busy living the dream



As a habitual comfort-eater, I’d gained several pounds over the years (ok, stones), so it’s come as something as a surprise that during this highly stressful period of adjustment in later life I’ve actually lost a couple of inches off my lower regions. Whether it’s down to the fact I’ve done a lot more walking in recent weeks than usual (walking is when I’m better able to think through problems), or that my new shopping list no longer contains crisps, chocolates, cheese or white bread, I can’t be entirely certain.

I’m not too bothered about the whys and wherefores, but am delighted that I can finally get my size 18, non-stretch jeans past my knees. Actually, when I cautiously tried them on last weekend they squeezed up over all the flab and cellulite (gross) and up as far as my waist! True, I had to lay on the bed to zip them up, and I couldn’t sit down in them for fear of rupturing vital internal organs, but hopefully in another couple of months I’ll finally be able to get rid of my chavvy old elasticated jogging bottoms. Who’d have thought it?!