Treasure Hunting…


It’d been a while since my last geocaching trip, so today’s excursion was well overdue. The weather was overcast, but warm and dry which made for a very pleasant afternoon wandering around outdoors searching for treasure. After picking up our first couple of finds in a residential area; which took a bit longer than anticipated due to a dodgy GPS and a red herring; we headed off into countryside.

A small, broken bridge was a sure-fire hiding place, or so we thought, but after a good old poke around it became apparent the cache was elsewhere. The first of our next four finds was eventually located but the second one was nowhere to be seen. The only place it physically could’ve been was in the base of a large oak tree, however, bees has decided to make a nest inside the hole and there was no way that either of us was prepared to stick our hands inside for a rummage, so a disappointing DNF (did not find) was noted and we reluctantly headed off to locate the next one. Eventually, after traipsing through a large field and finding ourselves literally up to our armpits in stinging nettles, we’d completed the challenge. Hurrah! I must admit that although, at times, this can be a slightly frustrating hobby, spending an afternoon outside with a mate, discovering hidden places and sharing new experiences is actually extremely good fun.


Lucky for Some…

Picture 020

Despite the uncertain weather forecast and the fact that it was Friday 13th, when an opportunity for a road trip presents itself when you have a day off work, it would be churlish to turn down the offer, which is how I ended up in a lovely old town with a quayside looking at gorgeous boaty things.

It’s great exploring shops with your mates because you can simply relax and be yourself, and nobody judges you when you sniff an incense stick a little too hard and end up with a runny nose. Despite a distinctly fresh breeze it remained dry for the most part, which led to numerous photo opportunities in close proximity to churches, wildlife and rather large statues.

Lunch was very welcome and really tasty. I scoffed down a rather delicious veggie chilli, returning a couple of hours later to stuff my face with a gloriously indulgent and scrumptious scone with clotted cream and strawberry jam! Some folk may be a tad wary of such an ominous date, however, if today was anything to go by, Friday 13th is actually extremely lucky for me.

Picture 136

Coach Trip…


Now… all of my friends and family members know full well that I never, ever consider holidaying in the UK. It’s entirely a personal preference, but I’d much rather spend my time, money and effort on flying somewhere fabulous with long beaches, guaranteed sunshine and plenty of palm trees, instead of wasting an entire day held hostage on a bus at the back end of some horrendous traffic jam, only to face cold, wet weather at the other end.

However… my old school chum has very kindly invited me to stay with her family over 200 miles away, and as this get-together is seriously overdue (by several decades!) I’ve decided to bite the bullet, pack a cagoule, get on a coach and head for the hills in order to spend a few fabulous days re-living my mis-spent youth.

We’ve both been trying to schedule some quality girlie time together for the past few years, but work commitments, ill health and life in general has always got in the way. I’m now happy to announce I’ve just purchased my return coach tickets and we WILL be having that long awaited reunion.

Sometimes you simply HAVE to make things happen – iechyd da…!

Oh I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside…

DSCN0044Despite chilly weather, with a strong wind, when you’re invited on a last-minute trip to the beach it’d be rude to turn it down, which is how I ended up spending a lovely day walking miles along a blustery promenade, dodging the waves lashing over a sea wall along the Essex coastline!

It felt good to clear out my lungs with all that fresh air, and it was actually very therapeutic listening to the sounds of the water and seagulls. A hike back across wet sand can build up quite an appetite, so lunch in a nearby restaurant was an additional and very welcome treat.

What a fabulous way to spend a Friday…

Road Trip…



Every now and again it’s quite nice to take the day off from work, household chores, general mundane necessities, or your ex – who’s just added you on a social media site, and go on a road trip with some gal pals. It needn’t cost a fortune, take all day or even be a long way from home; it’s just good to get in a car and go somewhere different for a few hours.

It really is amazing how much fun can be had on an autumn afternoon with a well-stocked picnic hamper, a couple of bottles of something that makes you feel all silly and a few hilarious mates. Cheers to the simple pleasures in life, and thank heavens for a corkscrew!